Masterclass Wrap-Up – Joel Quartermain

Our August masterclass was a great success. Joel Quatermain commenced the first half discussing his influences and his path with Eskimo Joe and his evolution into production.

Producing his own band, and speaking about the role of a producer, Joel discussed recording techniques, songwriting, and the mentoring of an artist.

Joel talked about the work ethic that budding producers need to apply to their craft and how practical experience is key to students development.

making pre-production count

Joel showed the value of pre-production in crafting songs before recording them in a studio.

He gave them insight into the recording and production process and demonstrated song development principles.
He discussed how songs in pre-production can start as Country Pop and end up as a Dance song, all dependent on the process of pre-production.

The masterclass concluded with Joel showing us the different ways that you can approach pre-production with practical examples.
An Aria award winner with ‘Eskimo Joe’, Joel understands function when it comes to artist and producer.

Joel dissecting pre-production and his personal feedback that was given to every student he spoke to was inspiring to the next generation of Abbey Road Institute producers.

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