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ARI’s Inaugural Australian Graduation

On Thursday, 23rd of February 2017,  Abbey Road Institute graduated it’s foundation cohort of students at the Malthouse Theatre in Southbank. Family, friends, and Abbey Road staff gathered together to celebrate the great achievements of the graduands completing their Advanced Diploma of Sound Production. The night kicked off with casual drinks as guests and students […]
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Study for a Day February

Abbey Road Institute was thrilled to have offered Study for a Day twice in the month of February due to unprecedented demand.  Last Saturday proved that once again, there’s certainly no shortage of passionate and talented lovers of music production in Melbourne!  Our students for the day were treated to a morning with rock royalty’s […]
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Alex Interview

This interview has been transcribed from audio.   Hi, my name’s Alex and I am an Audio engineer. I do mixing and mastering work. From a young age, I was always exposed to music. My mother always jokes about having no musical talent whatsoever, except for a good shower voice I guess. But she would […]
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Feb 11th Study for a Day Wrap Up

We at Abbey Road Institute were thrilled with the full house in attendance for Study for a Day last Saturday.  There is certainly no shortage of passionate and talented lovers of music production in Melbourne!  Our students for the day were treated to a morning with rock royalty’s Lance Krive and briefly looked at the […]
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Arlo Enemark Masterclass Wrap Up

Last week Abbey Road Students attended a masterclass from electronic music producer and A&R industry specialist, Arlo Enemark. Arlo’s shared his understanding and experiences of his both processes in the studio and a producer – renowned for some of the country’s most engaging club tracks – to his work in the production and development of […]
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Remix competition winner

Abbey Road Institute is proud to announce that our “Telling Lies” remix competition has come to a close and we have our winner! Congratulations to Bnszo   Bsnzo will be receive an exclusive one on one mentoring session with topline and electronic music royalty Paul Brandoli, has been invited to spend a day alongside the […]
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Bianca White Interview

Hi, i’m Bianca, and i’m a DJ and a music producer. So i was probably 18 -19. The whole dance music thing was probably not as big as it is today. I remember distinctly one night I went out and I saw, i’d never seen a female DJ before basically. I went out to a […]
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Arlo Enemark Masterclass

On the 10th of February Abbey Road students will be treated to a exclusive masterclass from Arlo Enemark. Arlo is both a music producer and music industry professional, whose understanding of the process stretches from the studio to the sales/streaming platforms. Under his moniker Watermelon Boy, Arlo creates sophisticated electronica over infectious carnival grooves. His […]
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January Open Day 2017

Abbey Road Institute’s January Open Day was such a huge success that the guests, students, and staff stayed for an extra 2 hours longer than the day was scheduled. Everyone who attended was curious to know more about our unique approach to teaching production and the “mind blowing”. equipment in-house. We’re proud to announce that […]
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Meet Paul Brandoli

Abbey Road Institute Australia is honoured to present Paul Brandoli on our producers panel for our upcoming Open Day on January 21st. Paul brings with him an arsenal of experience working with the most talented DJ’s and artists in the Electronic Music Industry as a Topline Writer and Vocal Producer. Paul will join the likes […]
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