How to start a Music Production Career in 2023 Pt. 2

Do you want to start a music production career? In this blog, we will discuss more important concepts for starting a career in music production. In case you missed it, click here to read our first instalment on how to start your career in Music Production.

Add Personality to Your Music Production!

While today’s technology allows producers to be able to make seamless edits, it is common to fall into the trap of over-editing or over-mixing. Furthermore, you could begin to lose the human element of music creation. Here are a few techniques for aspiring producers to consider in order to maintain their human touch:

Record Live Instruments

Recording live instruments will allow you to capture authentic sounding gear and equipment, and the subtleties and imperfections that make a performance unique. Remember no two live recordings are identical!

Experimentation with styles

Experiment with different playing styles or tempi and create a different feeling of momentum in your music.  Explore production techniques to create unique grooves, moods and textures that can’t be replicated digitally.

Collaboration with other artists

Collaborate with other musicians to gain experience as a producer. In addition to gained experience, these opportunities allow for further interpretation and artistic input from others. Consider working with vocalists, for example, play a significant role in making music sound more ‘human’.

Focus on building Connections in the industry

Music production is about adapting your personal expression and creativity to an experience for your listeners. Consider using your technical skills to trigger an emotional impact by experimenting with musical arrangement or audio processes to make your productions unique.

Talk with the Music Industry

For the same reason learning production techniques is essential, networking and connecting with other musicians is important to starting your career in music production. The more connections you create with fellow musicians, more opportunities could arise to help accelerate your musical career as a producer. Here are some starting points to consider:


While originally developed for gaming communities, Discord has become a staple in building communities in the music industry. With its ease of access and integration, Discord is a great avenue for you to begin meeting people with similar passions and interests in niches. Research if your favourite artist/producers have a Discord channel, or perhaps create one with your friends and begin the conversation!

Social Media

Post interaction on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok are great ways to find similar artists/musicians that could be a great starting point to your career. By simply searching that is similar to what you create (e.g. #reggaeton) you will be able to find thousands of related posts, that could lead you to finding exciting new talent! 

Live Shows

Considering lockdown a thing of the past, live shows are a must-go for people starting their music career. By going to shows, you’ll see and meet people that have similar musical taste to you! Live shows are also a great avenue for you to see the songs you create being played live, a truly rewarding experience!

Seek advice

We understand that deciding a career in music, let alone music production can be difficult and overwhelming at first; however, with the right guidance and advice, you will find your path in the industry much easier. Here at the Abbey Road Institute, we offer personalised meetings where you can discuss with us your musical goals!

ARI Students graduating from their degrees in Music Production - Abbey Road Studios, May 11 2023

Your new music career awaits!

Starting a successful career in music production requires a delicate balance between technical expertise and artistic intuition. Considering these avenues, you will have the ability to craft music that resonates in a unique way with your listeners. Embracing the power of technology and remaining true to the essence of music, will allow you to start a successful and rewarding career in music production. To find out more about how we can help you on your path, get in touch with us here.