Full Time – Advanced Diploma Of Music Industry


There is no better way to learn than to eat, sleep, and live your passion for music. Full Time Study enables you to fully engage with the institute and the music community.

Most importantly as one of a select group, you will work side-by-side with our trainers, similar to that of a commercial production environment.

Our accelerated one year program, will leave you fully equipped to join the fast paced world of the music industry.

Besides that, our course content is delivered in a unique, practical learning environment where you will complete hands-on activities under direct supervision of our industry professional staff. Therefore, as a student, you will have access to highly specialised workstations before, during and after class. Supervisors are available on site to provide learning support outside of classroom hours.

Full Time Delivery involves completing 4 modules of study on 4 days per week.

Each module being delivered on;

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday respectively.

There are 4 modules of study per trimester.

Upon graduating this course you will be musically and technologically proficient. You will be able to operate professionally in a diversity of audio production roles and environments.


As a graduate from Abbey Road Institute you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a high degree of professionalism characterised by proactivity and self-motivation
  • Utilise industry standard tools for creating, performing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering music
  • Develop and implement compositional and arrangement ideas for music productions
  • Work collaboratively as part of a team, maximizing group-based projects and outcomes
  • Time manage music production projects
  • Solve problems through reflection and adaptation of knowledge
  • Understand the fundamentals of music business, including marketing issues and strategies
  • Manage your professional career development.

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Education is more than a lecture. It is decades of experience from all corners of the globe brought together into a community of dedicated and passionate individuals joined together in journey to push the limits of creativity. This is what we aspire to every day at Abbey Road.

Gianni Michelini, COO

Studying the past year at Abbey Road has been phenomenal. The teaching staff are top notch and I now have a community of people to draw on who are as obsessed with music as me.  

Emily Toner, Graduate

Abbey Road Institute gives students the head-start they need to succeed in today's industry.  The facilities at Melbourne are second to none and it’s great to see students grow and be rewarded for their efforts.

Paul Edwards, Academic Manager

There is surely no better place to be when you are studying music production and sound engineering!

Tori Sunnucks, Graduate

On the first day of the course it was clear that I had found my tribe; we’re like a family, and it’s uncanny how everyone gets on creatively.

Deborah Melliard, Graduate