Kelli Wright Masterclass

ARI Melbourne are excited to announce one of our very own as our next guest masterclass presenter: Kelli Wright. Joining the list of experienced and well known industry professionals to present to the students of Abbey Road Institute, Kelli’s masterclass will be on Friday the 12th of May.

Kelli Wright has over 20 years of frontline experience in a wide range of roles, including public relations, publicity and promotions, and endorsements, along with tour, label and artist representation. She has been interviewed for mainstream television, magazines, newspaper and radio, as well as documentaries.

As a prominent music business educator, Kelli has conducted workshops and courses for over 40,000 students and is thrilled to extend her vast portfolio of experience with Abbey Road Institute. In this workshop, Kelli will be focusing on public relations; and specifically modes of self promotion relevant to students as artists and producers.

Kelli has worked with a long and impressive list of International and Australian acts that few could aspire to. From Toto to Cannibal Corpse and Anthrax to Killswitch Engaged and even Operator Please, she’s got a story and a lesson for everyone.