We’ve been busy!

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Abbey Road Institute Melbourne. As we gear up for our February intake we’ve opened the Institute doors for our first Mic Night, Open Day and Study For a Day for 2018.

We kicked off January with our inaugural Mic Night– Not to be confused with an Open Mic Night… The mic night was a sellout and attendees had the opportunity to learn about many of the different mic types usually reserved for the top-end of the professional recording industry.

Brands from manufacturers like Neumann, Coles, and Royer were showcased by Abbey Road Institute’s own mic guru Bradley Toan. The night covered microphone placement analyzed A-B comparisons and discussed the different tonal qualities of each microphone.  Guests were treated to a live drum recording session, building from a mono vintage drum sound, through to multi-mic drum recording techniques.

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Guests arrived early and eager to jump into the tour of our amazing purpose built studios. Our lecturing staff introduced our professional suite of recording and mixing equipment to the guests and were thrilled by the responsiveness of the crowd.

After an address by ARI’s CEO Paul Ledingham, guests were introduced to the talented Producer Panel and set about asking their questions to Michael ‘Mixa’ O’Connell, Harley Webster aka ‘Phrase’, Alex Braithwaite aka ‘Sub-Human’ and Julian Davies.

With the Panel comprising of legends in mixing, producing, dj/mastering and industry law they certainly offered some amazing industry knowledge to the guests which left them all eager to learn more. Covering the current state of the music industry and what it takes to become a sought-after producer in an ever-growing market.

The excitement of the panel was present long after its conclusion and guests were keen to talk to staff more about the institute and the music production programs on offer.

Thank you to everyone who came to our Open Day and a special thanks to Michael, Harley, Alex and Julian for making the Producer Panel incredibly informative and inspiring!

Study for a Day

Aspiring producers had the chance to experience life as an Abbey Road student at our Study for a Day event.  The day was jammed packed with information and structured around hands-on, one-on-one mentoring workshop styled sessions.

After an introduction to the industry standard software for recording and mixing- Pro Tools, students commenced a mixing assignment on their own computer workstation in our custom designed labs.

The remaining part of the day saw mini-tutorials running simultaneously with students being able to choose the area they would most like to learn to ask questions and picking up tips as they went.

Bradley Toan, ARI’s Senior Technical Officer, was detailing mixing on the fully digital Avid S6 control surface, while producer and industry business and legal specialist, Julian Davis guided students through analog signal flow and mixing in the API 1608 studio.

The positive feedback from everyone from all three events has been overwhelming, with those looking for full-time or flexible study options in our upcoming February intake experiencing first hand what it is like as a student of Abbey Road Institute.  

If you, or anyone you know, would love to attend an event like this, make sure you send an email to to express your interest for our next event.  We offer one-on-one VIP tours of the campus at a time that suits you, so call 1800 274 338 to arrange a tour or speak to one of our staff about the study and career opportunities.

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