Russell Goldsmith Masterclass wrap-up

Students and aspiring sound engineers, producers, songwriters and sound design thinkers rarely hear about the different pathways when looking at career options. But simply knowing your craft alone is usually not enough for building a successful career.

We welcomed Russell Goldsmith who is a multiple award-winning Melbourne based Sound Designer, Composer, Producer and Audio System Designer.

Russell commenced his masterclass discussing his love of audio and how it led him to the world of theatre and his technical and operational work in this field has taken him around the world.

Russell spoke about pioneering performance playback and live sound design techniques, where sound and audio interact with the stage cohesively.
He discussed the importance of sound design and speaker placements to gives students an insight into the world of theatre.

His diverse background from recording studios to installations gave students insight into how integration from different projects taught him to take audio applications and apply his knowledge to the theatre.

Russell’s demonstrated his knowledge and technical skills and how combined with creativity helped forge his experimentation in applying innovation to sound design.

Students left inspired to think outside the box and what scope of work they can apply their knowledge to different industries that use audio.