Meet Paul Brandoli

Abbey Road Institute Australia is honoured to present Paul Brandoli on our producers panel for our upcoming Open Day on January 21st. Paul brings with him an arsenal of experience working with the most talented DJ’s and artists in the Electronic Music Industry as a Topline Writer and Vocal Producer. Paul will join the likes of Simon Cohen, Beau McKee and Alex Braithwaite at Abbey Road Institute to host a Producer’s Panel focussing on topics such as:

  • How would you judge the state of the Australian Music Industry today?
  • What are the most important attributes a young producer needs to generate work?
  • How did you go about establishing your personal brand and reputation in the Industry?
  • What role will Producers play in the digital online space that the Industry is rushing towards?

Paul believes that an integral part of the creative process is being able to evolve to get the best out of the artist and the track. He has worked with countless electronic artists and DJ’s to be able to create amazing top lines and vocal performances. Paul’s experience reaches far outside Australia with strong roots in the European Electronic Music Scene.

“In my many years of music making , I feel more connected than ever”.


Currently signed to Ministry Of Sound’s (AUS) 120 Publishing, he has the privilege to be working with some of the most talented DJs and artists in the electronic music genre.

Paul has worked with labels including Spinnin’ Deep, Musical Freedom, Ministry Of Sound , One Love , Vicious and Central Station.

Ministry Of Sound“A lot of my time is involved in writing toplines (the melodic and lyrical component to a song) to tracks labels send me.”.


Toplining and Vocal Producing is very much a collaborative process that Paul deeply enjoys and is always on the look-out for vocalists to feature on high profile DJ releases! Working with artists in the studio and developing vocalists is one of his big passions, recording vocals and getting the best out of singers he feel is an art form in itself and involves a trust and connection.


The Abbey Road Institute January Open Day is the perfect opportunity for you to come and meet Paul and learn from his expertise in the music production industry whilst amongst world class gear and other world class producers. The passion, drive and knowledge available at the producers panel is surely not to be missed!