January Open Day 2017

Abbey Road Institute’s January Open Day was such a huge success that the guests, students, and staff stayed for an extra 2 hours longer than the day was scheduled. Everyone who attended was curious to know more about our unique approach to teaching production and the “mind blowing”. equipment in-house. We’re proud to announce that we have already filled half of the March intake with entry interviews commencing next Monday!


The day started with around 40 people eager to get into our world-class facility and have tours throughout the institute. Guests were able to have all their technical hardware questions answered by Abbey Road Institute’s senior technical officer, Bradley Toan, as they explored the campus studios.

As more arrived, we begun the Producer Panel which consisted of the extremely accomplished, approachable and magnificent producers Paul Brandoli, Simon Cohen, Alex Braithwaite and Beau McKee.


Once again, the Q&A went over time and who could blame a room full of creatives and potential students in wanting to know all the secrets and stories from these industry masters.

The Student Panel is something that is close to our hearts here at Abbey Road Institute, as our student’s pride in their school is obviously an authentic representation of how dynamic and practical our course actually is.


All in all, the day was tremendous fun and we look forward to seeing familiar faces at our Study for a day on the 11th of February!