Do you want to gig using Ableton Live?

The days of music performance with only a guitar seems like it was a lifetime ago. Now, that artists like Ed Sheeran are selling out arenas all over the world without a band and using only a looper.

Music technology hasn’t just given rise to the home music producer but has enabled the samples and sounds created in the studio to be used in live performance.

Studio creativity can now be launched into live performance, which allows for an incredible new platform of exploration in sounds and musical texture.

The hardest part of this change in technology is keeping up with looping, hardware and using a DAW as a creative tool on stage.

Abbey Road Institute presents Gigging with Ableton Live where we connect music production to live performance.

Learn to gig using Ableton live

See Ableton Live as a performance and songwriting environment. Learn live sampling, looping and audio effects that you can bring into a live set. You will also get to use some controllers and devices fit for live music.

Develop an understanding of how technology and music performance can work together in a band, as a solo artist and as a set of creative compositional tools.

As the live music scene has developed, music technology has found a way to center stage, with performing musicians using some form of sampler, synthesizer or laptop in most live rigs. Techniques like looping, overdubs, vocal effects and live electronics are all possible, because of the evolution of music technology.

Learn to gig using Ableton live and see what we cover below.

What will we cover?

  • Learn midi, audio and ableton live
  • Learn Production skills in a performance context
  • Use Music technology into a live performance
  • Use Ableton live to control audio effects
  • Live-looping microphones and MIDI tracks
  • Controller mapping and live effects
  • Creative sound techniques
  • Ableton Performance

Abbey Road Institute is the training ground for the next generation of music producers and sound engineers.

By harnessing the expertise and innovation created at Abbey Road Studios and collaborating with experts in the industry we teach a professional one-year Advanced Diploma of Music Industry.

We work closely with engineers and producers to create a broad, hands-on and cutting-edge curriculum. This prepares our students to launch a career in the music industry as unique as they are. What unites our students and team is a love of music and a passion to create.