Abbey Road Institute Australia 2018 London Graduation

abbey road institute melbourne to abbey road london

As one of the highlights of the year, at the end of October we were delighted to be travelling to Abbey Road Studios in London with our graduating music production students from Melbourne. Our committed and hard-working graduates, with the support of their families, made the long journey to be part of the global graduation ceremony and get up on stage in the world famous Studio Two to receive an Advanced Diploma in Music Industry.

Graduating with an Advanced Diploma of Music Industry has been a culmination of many hours of practise time. As part of our curriculum, this is focused on both industry software and hardware while being taught, mentored and inspired by their lecturers.

Music production graduate Rochelle Bartlett receiving her Diploma of Music Industry.

Studying music production was where their creativity and technical skill became one. Students took the leap and became part of the Abbey Road Experience. Certainly, they have emerged as future music makers and creatives. They will shape and define the sound of many artists and projects to come.

Isabel Garvey, the Managing Director at Abbey Road Studios, and David Sharpe, Chief Operating Officer of Universal Music UK attended the global graduation to celebrate and meet the graduating students. They expressed the impact these graduates will play and spoke of the reputation of our past Alumni.

Next, Studio 2 (home of some of the greatest moments in recorded music) held students to receive their diplomas and hear each school speak of their student’s growth and successes.

With smiles all around, students chatted to classmates from the other side of the world. The coming together of Abbey Road Institute campuses from all over the globe was indeed inspiring. Finally, stories were swapped, triumphs applauded, and diplomas received with the greatest of satisfaction.

Our Graduates

Above all, we commend these graduates on their huge achievement and wish them the best of luck for the future. May they inspire, and pass on their gift of music to future generations of music lovers and creatives.


Peter Allison receiving his Advanced Diploma of Music Industry.


Ming Quay receiving his Advanced Diploma of Music Industry.


Emily Toner receiving her Advanced Diploma of Music Industry.

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To see a live video from the graduation please click here.