ABOUT your games Tutors

We’ve handpicked industry experts and educators from the Australian games community who are current game audio practitioners. This way we ensure that we are offering our students the best possible educational experience that is up-to-date with current industry needs and practice.


David Weaver

David Weaver is a composer, sound designer and audio programmer. His work in film, television, games and multimedia has travelled throughout the world. David has received merits and awards for his sound work’s exemplary quality. Having initially worked as a composer, and his work was awarded the Music & FX Award for Best Sound in 2015. David was also awarded a scholarship as a composer to travel to Los Angeles in 2016. He took part in Game Sound Con, and undertook workshops from many composers and sound designers like Penka Kouneva, Andrew Christie, Tim Davies and multiple professionals from Remote Control Studios.

David has composed for films at the Melbourne International Film Festival, on both the documentary “Servant or Slave” and the feature film “Killing Ground”. David attends the Global Game Jam and continues to work on various game projects, including “Drone Legion”, a Virtual Reality game that was exhibited at the PAX conference in Melbourne. His work has premiered at various festivals around the globe, including the St. Kilda Film Festival, OZ Film Festival in London and Madrid Film Festival.

David currently teaches Music Production and Sound Engineering at the Abbey Road Institute, mentoring students in audio production. David also creates software and samples instruments for the company “Weaver Audio”.


Tamara Partridge

Tamara has worked with directors and producers from various Australian universities, film production companies, and game audio developers. These projects have granted Tamara the means and the momentum to infinitely explore originality and professionalism in her work.

Tamara has a strong background in music performance, and was part of the Melbourne Youth Music Orchestra. Tamara has a vast network high calibre musicians and producers.

Tamara’s work in games has extended to the PAX exhibition, the largest exhibition in the southern hemisphere, and her contributions to games like “Objects in Space” and “Death of Magic”, are available on STEAM worldwide.

Tamara’s appetite for music has become a passionate hunger to compose for film, game and multimedia. With a bachelor degree in music composition, and a honours degree in interactive composition, as well as specialised training in game audio, film scoring, and sound design, as your game tutor, Tamara commits herself to write, record and produce music and sound for projects of all shapes and sizes.


Education is more than a lecture. It is decades of experience from all corners of the globe brought together into a community of dedicated and passionate individuals joined together in journey to push the limits of creativity. This is what we aspire to every day at Abbey Road.

Gianni Michelini, COO

Studying the past year at Abbey Road has been phenomenal. The teaching staff are top notch and I now have a community of people to draw on who are as obsessed with music as me.  

Emily Toner, Graduate

Abbey Road Institute gives students the head-start they need to succeed in today's industry.  The facilities at Melbourne are second to none and it’s great to see students grow and be rewarded for their efforts.

Paul Edwards, Academic Manager

There is surely no better place to be when you are studying music production and sound engineering!

Tori Sunnucks, Graduate

On the first day of the course it was clear that I had found my tribe; we’re like a family, and it’s uncanny how everyone gets on creatively.

Deborah Melliard, Graduate