The skills, knowledge and creativity you’ll develop at Abbey Road Institute will prepare you for the next step in your career. Music Production jobs can range from starting out in assistant roles to moving into more senior positions if you already have some experience in the industry. Some of our students have already started their portfolio career while they study with us and they can expand their network and work on their projects in our studios to make the most out of the time at Abbey Road Institute.

Our graduates are highly sought after and progress onto a range of different roles and types of work.

They all have one thing in common: they were able to build a strong industry network thanks to the collaboration with Studios 301 and the global network of Abbey Road Institute.

Some of the music production jobs they enter into include Producer, Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Runner, FOH Engineer, Artist, Mastering Engineer, A&R, Label Assistant and Songwriter to name but a few. They’re also working across different industries and types of businesses, from those employed by recording studios and record labels to work in live events, post-production for film & tv, digital archiving, developing new technology within the music industry, and juggling portfolio careers with their own clients.

To find out more about our alumni, have a look at the dedicated alumni section of our website.

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Graduation in London

Abbey Road Institute students have the opportunity to graduate in Abbey Road’s Studio Two in London. The culmination of all the hard work, dedication and creativity and an opportunity to meet other graduates and music industry professionals to extend your network.

Charlotte Adelle

Engineer and Producer at Universal Music

Charlotte Adelle graduated from Abbey Road Institute Melbourne in 2017 and has now established herself as a standout vocal producer, producer and songwriter on the rise. In early 2018, she started to work at Studios 301 alongside senior engineer Simon Cohen (Justin Bieber, Starley, Thelma Plum, Illy) as his vocal assistant.

In a recent Alumni interview, Charlotte said “If you have a good can-do attitude… then you can achieve anything.” That attitude has shone through and supported her advances at 301. She collaborates with local Sydney artists as a writer, producer and engineer. Charlotte is using her platform to encourage other young people in her field to create a strong and safe community.

When she’s not collaborating with incredible Australian artists, she’s working on her own material as a singer/songwriter. She records her stunning voice and publishes the videos on Youtube and Instagram. Consequently, she is well on her way to becoming a name in the Australian music scene.

Find out how Charlotte navigated the industry after graduating in our alumni interview.

Alex Mraz

Live Sound Engineer

Alex Mraz graduated in early 2018 and moved swiftly from jobs in record stores to live music events. She has worked at Northcote Social Club and shadowed the Front of House Engineer at Rod Laver Arena for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Alex is currently working gigs in Melbourne’s thriving music scene three nights a week. Not only that, she is working at Basement Discs curating excellent vinyl choices. Alex has experience working in small to medium-sized venues at each stage of the production pipeline. She understands the technical elements as well as liaising between venues, artists and the audience.

Alex was hell-bent on studio work while studying at Abbey Road Institute Melbourne, before completing gig work towards the end of her diploma then making the transition into a fully fledged audio engineer. A strong focus on the technical signal flow as well as her approachable nature has landed her a mentorship with The Push (a Victorian non-profit youth music organisation). This aligns perfectly with her desire to make gigs more accessible and safe. She is now establishing herself as an in-demand event manager and live engineer.

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Emily Toner

Artist and Label Manager

Emily Toner is an industrious business owner and the driving force behind Wye in the Sky records. She has a flexible skill set and is adaptable in the ever-changing music industry. She has aimed high, since graduating from our Advanced Diploma in Music Production. Emily is making waves in the Byron Bay and Melbourne music scenes by supporting artists and events with a community and environmental focus.

Wye in the Sky is a manifestation of Emily’s passion for creativity. A representation of her selfless desire to give back to sectors in the community that need it most. Emily’s created a for-purpose independent music label because she knows the importance of supporting local artists. The label focuses on giving back to important social and environmental causes, something close to Emily’s heart. You can keep updated on their work and support the label via their Facebook page.

If as if that were not enough, Emily is also a singer, songwriter and producer. She spends the precious spare minutes writing and playing in an all-female surf rock band called The Sandy Junes. Emily’s future plans include event management with a focus on mental health, especially of musicians.

“[I want to] start running events to help build the music community in a really positive way that’s not in a… stigmatising way. Just creating events where musicians can come together, (to) connect and hang out.” 

Phoenix Manson

Producer & Beatmaker

Phoenix Manson is an artist/music producer from Melbourne. He makes Hip Hop and R&B music that infuses an old school vibe with the modern new wave sound. Having graduated at the end of 2017, Phoenix has since released WAVELENGTH – EP, with toplining by Charlotte Adelle as a result. Phoenix was also an integral part of the Beat Collective Committee. Most noteworthy, he ran the fortnightly, live streaming show on TRNSMT. He also performed at festivals and venues including Electric Relaxation, Surf Coast Arts Festival, Beat Collective Sessions and High Bias. Having moved from Melbourne to Berlin to start building a network in Europe, Phoenix is now exploring the electronic music scene. As a result of this, he is working with rappers and producing beats for their projects.

Phoenix’s creativity in unstoppable, and consequently most of his time is spent in the studio. He is constantly making new music for his own project or for other singers/rappers. Furthermore, Ableton Live is his weapon of choice. Consequently, Phoenix has grown from a bedroom producer who made music as a hobby to an audio professional. You can find out more about Phoenix on his website. 

Joel Robinson

Producer and Audio Engineer

Joel Robinson, (artist name “Staygo“) joined our Advanced Diploma in Melbourne in 2016.  Before that he was creating independently as a bedroom producer, recording and producing beats. Since his graduation, he has used his new knowledge and skills to elevate his career as an artist. He works as a freelance producer and is currently crafting a solo 4-6 track EP.  Joel also works as a recording engineer and mixing/mastering engineer at Staygo Studios. His recent tracks including Bury It (feat. Zoe A’dore) and Frothin (with Bloom) are a reflection of his many years of experience in beat making. Futhermore, his production is a result of his tireless work in collaboration. He is constantly working with vocalists, topliners, songwriters and artists as part of his new lens on production.


During his time at Abbey Road Institute, Joel wanted to complete his creative project entirely solo. His proficiency in mixing and mastering was a by-product of his creative needs as a result. What started as a hobby for a 13-year-old evolved into making music for songwriters and producers in Los Angeles. He focussed on developing his skills in Pro Tools and Ableton Live whilst studying with us to ensure a strong foundation of technical and practical knowledge. You can find out more about what Joel is working on now here.


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Before I was at Abbey Road, it was easy to write a song, and get a singer. But the songwriting process doesn’t work like that. It was important to understand vocal production, writing, and music. It should all happen simultaneously.

Joel Robinson, Graduate

Abbey Road really helped me with the foundation of audio. It’s an overwhelming subject at first, but [the course] really breaks it down and really makes it digestible.

Charlotte Adelle, Graduate

The time I spent at Abbey Road Institute helped me transform my skills. I came from a bedroom producer who made music as a hobby to an audio professional.

Phoenix Manson, Graduate

Abbey Road was the perfect stepping stone into my professional career as an artist and audio engineer.

Alex Braithwaite, Graduate

Studying the past year at Abbey Road has been phenomenal. The teaching staff are top notch and I now have a community of people to draw on who are as obsessed with music as me.  

Emily Toner, Graduate