UAD Part 1

Welcome to part I of our favourites from the team at Universal Audio.


As you may be aware, at Abbey Road Institute we have access to a huge list of plugins.

This can be quite intimidating at first, so we thought putting together a list of plugins every couple of weeks for you to check out and have a play with!


We will focus on a different manufacturer each time. As this is the first of many, let’s start off with some of our personal favourites from Universal Audio.


We are very lucky here to have access to the complete UA library. UA were pioneers of the recording industry and back in 1999, they moved into creating the most authentic emulations of their own vintage equipment and other studio staples.


With each plugin you see below, we have added the link to the UA website, here you will find a short video of how they have meticulously designed the plugin(s) to ensure that they’re perfect emulations of their hardware versions, tutorials and reviews.


So let’s get started…


Lexicon 224 – Reverb Unit

Ampex ATR-102 Tape

API 500 Series EQ Collection

(modeled after the same EQ’s that are loaded in our API 1608)

Fairchild Compressor – Limiter Bundle

UA 1176 and LA 2A collections

(Both hardware versions located in the API Studio)

Little Labs Voice of God

Little Labs – IBP Phase alignment

Eventide H910 Harmonizer


As UA has a MASSIVE list of amazing plugins, we will make this part one of a two-part series – stay tuned for the list that will be posted soon.


Have a great day!