Meet Julian Davis

Abbey Road Institute Australia is honoured to present Julian Davis on our Producers Panel for our upcoming Open Day on October 15th. Julian Davis is a music industry lawyer and business identity with many years experience in record label management, tour and event promotion, and ticketing and logistics. Julian will join the likes of Beau McKee & Charles Fisher at Abbey Road Institute to host a Producer’s Panel focussing on topics such as:
How would you judge the state of the Australian Music Industry today?
What are the most important attributes a young producer needs to generate work?
How did you go about establishing your personal brand and reputation in the Industry?
What role will Producers play in the digital online space that the Industry is rushing towards?

Julian is also an accomplished musician and producer in his own right, who has over a decades experience in delivering music industry business and law subjects in vocational and higher education environments.


The Abbey Road Institute October Open Day is the perfect opportunity for you to come and meet Julian and learn from his expertise in the music production industry whilst amongst world class gear and other world class producers. The passion, drive and knowledge available at the producers panel is surely not to be missed!