Meet Alex Braithwaite

Abbey Road Institute Australia is honoured to present Alex Braithwaite on our Producers Panel for our upcoming Open Day on January 21st.


My career in the music industry started eight years ago with the release of my first song into the blogosphere. Through the ‘Trumpdisco’ project, which I took solo control of in 2012, I have done multiple tours of Australia, played shows around the world including gigs in South Korea and festivals in Canada and South Africa. Furthermore, I have had my song played by artists I look up to even having my remix of Kanye West’s ‘Black Skinhead’ played in the opening sequence to the 2014 MTV VMAs.

I have continued to refine my production skills throughout my career as ‘Trumpdisco’, in 2014 I began pursuing my skills in mixing and mastering. My first work for another artist was with Slumberjack and their self titled EP which went onto great success, propelling their careers forward and starting my own mixing and mastering business. In 2015 I joined the Abbey Road Institute to hone my skill set and broaden my knowledge outside of just the electronic side of music. Studying at Abbey Road Institute has enabled me to advance far more than just my aptitude in music, I now have a much greater grasp of what being a part of the music industry entails.


Alex will join the likes of Beau McKee, Paul Brandoli and Simon Cohen at Abbey Road Institute to host a Producer’s Panel focussing on topics such as:

  • How would you judge the state of the Australian Music Industry today?
  • What are the most important attributes a young producer needs to generate work?
  • How did you go about establishing your personal brand and reputation in the Industry?
  • What role will Producers play in the digital online space that the Industry is rushing towards?

The Abbey Road Institute January Open Day is the perfect opportunity for you to come and meet Alex and learn from his expertise in the music production industry whilst amongst world class gear and other world class producers. The passion, drive and knowledge available at the producers panel is surely not to be missed!