Studying at Abbey Road Institute was one of the best decisions for me to get a solid push into the industry. It was all very overwhelming at first, as previously I had a more academic-based education but I found myself surrounded by people who have had extensive industry experience in their respective fields. As the year progressed and our skills developed, all the students eventually transformed into a close family with relationships that will last a lifetime.


The work included in the course was a great introduction to any field in the industry. From recording and music theory, to business and law, the skills I have acquired at ARI have surpassed that of any other place I have studied. Teachers were extremely caring about the learning experience, and making sure none of us fell behind.


Now that I have graduated from Abbey Road, through networking with the teachers and building a good rapport, I have been privileged enough to begin full-time employment at Factory Sound. This was made possible on ARI’s staff recommendation. It was an amazing feeling knowing that even after graduating from ARI I was still being looked after, and able to go straight into full-time work in the audio industry. Ever since starting it has been an unreal experience, I’ve gained even more knowledge and the team at Factory Sound are always a lending hand, it’s a great place to work at. Besides my new employment at Factory Sound I have also been asked to assist with recording projects from teachers and ex-students while being treated as an industry professional and not under supervision as if still being treated as a student.
I definitely hold ARI in high regard and recommend the course to anyone wanting to take on audio seriously and in a professional manner.