Alumni Interview – Lauren Dimech

Meet the multi-talented Lauren Dimech

Lauren Dimech is a passionate, hardworking musician, artist manager and sound engineer who has been gaining a substantial amount of industry experience since the age of 15. Her firsthand experience has allowed her to develop the skills and knowledge required to succeed in the ever-growing industry.

She completed the Advanced Diploma in Music Industry at Abbey Road Institute Melbourne and worked in a recording studio where she clocked up countless studio hours engineering various projects. Dimech has worked with industry professionals in live sound where she has had the opportunity to work with both national and international acts such as; Birds of Tokyo, Wolf Mother, Dune Rats, Stonefield & the Pierce Brothers.

In 2017 Lauren founded entertainment business LMD Music. Specialising in artist management and sound engineering, she is today managing Melbourne singer-songwriter Reilly Stapleton, whilst actively taking on new audio projects. LMD is an entertainment business providing services that include; artist management, live sound, studio and mix engineering.

What made you start LMD Music?

While studying at Abbey Road Institute Melbourne I created a business plan which was the entire concept of LMD Music and when I graduated, I wanted to put it in practice. I didn’t know the first thing about starting a business, but I knew I wanted to bring something different to the market and build it from the ground up. So… I did it and am still doing it.

What kind of professional development helped you when you were starting out?

When I was 15, I began working for a local events and stage company which involved working lots of weekends assisting with setting up, pack down, and running a stage. In the 3 years I worked with them, I learnt so much and wanted to keep learning, so I began studying at Abbey Road. During my study I worked with one of my lecturers doing live sound at the Croxton Bandroom for a year, it is through that I grasped a stronger understanding of how everything worked in reality. I met a lot of managers which is what actually sparked my interest in becoming one.

You’ve got a passion for fostering emerging musos. WHAT DO YOU THINK THE VALUE OF COLLABORATION IS?

I always emphasise the importance of working with a team as opposed to by yourself. The creative ideas that can spark from collaboration are limitless and working with people that are passionate about what you’re doing provides you with so much confidence, plus you have people to share every up and down with.

From an artist management perspective, I understand the business side of music is something artists don’t know much about or don’t want to have to know about, so I take all that stress away and allow the artist to just be creative.

Do you have any pr tips for those beginning their music careers?

I’d say the first step would be to identify who you are or want to be as an artist (virtually a brand). What is your aesthetic? Then from there, build up your socials to reflect that, be consistent and post regularly in order to build your audience. And just play gigs, go to gigs, it’s the best way to make a network.

What advice would you give to existing students?

Work hard and make the most of opportunities. Getting to study in an absolutely incredible space is something you shouldn’t take for granted. The best way to learn is to just dive in, you’ll make some mistakes for sure, but you’ll learn from them and that is what will make you an incredible producer and/or engineer.

What’s next for you and LMD music?

Lots and lots of growth. The artist I’m currently managing, Reilly Stapleton is set to release a single next month, which is super exciting! Aside from that, I’m focused on continuing to grow my audio portfolio, helping many more emerging musicians pave their way, as well as expanding my management roster.


You can find out more about Lauren Dimech and LMD Music on her Facebook and Instagram.

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