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Global Alumni

You’ve completed your Diploma Of Music Industry and immersed yourself in all of the learning and experiences on offer. Now you’re joining the other great Abbey Road Institute alumni who are contributing to the future of the music industry.

Our alumni are establishing themselves in the next stages of their careers in the music industry and beyond. For example, they’re working as producers and engineers, undertaking internships and much more. The opportunities are broad, from working in studios, for a range of businesses and startups in the music and cultural sectors to setting up their own initiatives and working freelance, juggling lots of exciting and demanding projects. Most importantly, they are using their acquired knowledge, experiences and connections to further their careers.

Our Melbourne alumni join a global Abbey Road network including all of our graduates as well as our industry friends. This extended family are from different backgrounds and with different skill sets they progress onto a range of careers. Brought together at the end of their study for the global graduation ceremony there are many opportunities for future collaboration and partnerships.

Hakim Tazi

Hakim Tazi

Music Producer, Recording & Mixing Engineer

HAKIM TAZI est diplômé en 2018 de Abbey Road Institute Paris.

Hakim Tazi a suivi la formation d’Abbey Road Institute Paris d’Octobre 2016 à Octobre 2018. Depuis qu’il est diplômé il multiplie les enregistrements mais aussi les mixages dans le 78 (Yvelines). Début 2020, il sort son premier projet en tant que producteur sous le nom de « Gamebreaker ». La mixtape de 12 titres (dont deux interludes) se nommé « Sombre Negro ». Un projet résolument urbain qui a pour objectif de montrer la face sombre de l’artiste. Notons que ce nouvel opus a été masterisé par un autre diplômé d’Abbey Road Institute Paris: Valentin Larbre qui a aussi développé sa structure.
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Dominic Parry

Dominic Parry

Apprentice Britannia Row

Following his graduation, Dominic Parry has been working as a full-time apprentice at leading audio equipment rental company Britannia Row Productions. Founded by Pink Floyd, Britannia Row has grown to become a global leader providing equipment for the London Olympics, Foo FightersMumford & Sons and The Cure‘s tour.  Dominic assisted in the 2019 Brit Awards as a stage technician for numerous performing acts including James Bay, Calvin Harris, Hugh Jackman, and P!NK. He has also worked on Andrea Bocelli’s world tour and the MTV European Music Awards.  Dominic’s apprenticeship scheme at Britannia Row Productions continued the training he started at Abbey Road Institute. He worked for several months in each of the companies departments (Maintenance, Speakers, Cables, Rigging, RF, Digital, Warehouse Manager Assistant & Prep) whilst taking part in two 15 week training courses; Live Sound fundamentals and Live Sound Intermediate. Alongside his day work, Dominic Parry has worked on gigs at The Roundhouse and the centennial WW1 memorial service.


You can find out more about Britannia Row on our blog.

Quentin Durual

Quentin Durual

Freelance Engineer, Composer & Session Guitarist

Quentin Durual joined Abbey Road Institute Paris having already gained some experience in the music industry. 
He worked freelance in mixing and compostion as well as working on two festival of light projectsin Lyon 
before studying with us. He also studied in London for a year to make music and improve his English.
Following that he joined Abbey Road Institute Paris in 2017. 

After Quentin graduated at Abbey Road Studios, he travelled to Australia for a 3 month internship at 
the famous and well respected 'Studios 301'. Upon returning to France, he has been working on a variety 
of projects including composing for television through a company called "The Range". He continues 
working as mix engineer and as a session guitarist for performances, collaborating with artists such as 
Nicko Soulchildren odaiba, Paul Flint and Tony Dofat. You can find out more about Quentin on his 
Instagram account.

Leo Mendes

Artist & Music Producer

Leo Mendes

Artist & Music Producer

Leo Mendes DIPLÔMÉ DE Abbey Road Institute Paris En 2017.

Leo Mendes exerce depuis sous le statut d’intermittent du spectacle. A cet égard il se produit dans plusieurs pays (France, Angleterre, Ecosse, Italie, Israël …). Il a notamment participé à l’édition portugaise de The Voice dans laquelle il est arrivée aux étapes avancées de la compétition. Il s’est notamment illustré en direct sur la chaîne portugaise par ses interprétations tant techniques que musclées. Notamment une reprise de “Whole Lotta Love” du groupe Led Zeppelin ou encore “Highway to Hell” des australiens AC/DC. Producteur, il développe aussi ses collaborations musicales au quotidien.

Gabriëlle Stok

Gabriëlle Stok

Assistant Engineer SARM

Gabriëlle Stok now works as an assistant engineer at the West-London studio SARM, which was established by Chris Blackwell, the founder of Island Records. Since starting at SARM Gabrielle has been working on many sessions with both established and up and coming artists. Outside of her work there she also producing her own music to pitch to artists. Some of her highlights so far at SARM include working with American producer Jeff Bhasker (Kanye West, Jay Z, Mark Ronson), engineering during his writing sessions. Engineering has been her main focus since graduation, and Gabrielle also plans to maintain both work in production and songwriting as part of her future career plans.

You can find out more about Gabrielle’s experience at SARM in her interview on our blog.

Léo Chupin

Léo Chupin

Recording & Mixing Engineer

Léo Chupine trained at Abbey Road Institute Paris from January to December 2018. Following his graduation 
he first became an Assistant Engineer at the Studio de Meudon. This studio is particularly well known for 
providing two exceptional concert pianos for recording - a Steinway and a Fazioli. 
Léo Chupin then started work as a freelance sound engineer following his first sessions at the 
Studio de Meudon. He's had great recognition for his work and his innovative approach. In the second half 
of 2019, KR magazine selected him to be one of the "10 emeritus sound engineers" who have new ideas 
about the industry. The article was published in the special issue winter 2019-2020 edition.

This course taught me how to set up a freelance structure. Knowing things about invoicing and tax and learning how much I should charge. Abbey Road taught me that I have to look after this myself.

Alex Mraz, Graduate

Before I was at Abbey Road, it was easy to write a song, and get a singer. But the songwriting process doesn’t work like that. It was important to understand vocal production, writing, and music. It should all happen simultaneously.

Joel Robinson, Graduate

Abbey Road really helped me with the foundation of audio. It’s an overwhelming subject at first, but [the course] really breaks it down and really makes it digestible.

Charlotte Adelle, Graduate

The time I spent at Abbey Road Institute helped me transform my skills. I came from a bedroom producer who made music as a hobby to an audio professional.

Phoenix Manson, Graduate

Abbey Road was the perfect stepping stone into my professional career as an artist and audio engineer.

Alex Braithwaite, Graduate

Studying the past year at Abbey Road has been phenomenal. The teaching staff are top notch and I now have a community of people to draw on who are as obsessed with music as me.  

Emily Toner, Graduate

Abbey Road Institute gives students the head-start they need to succeed in today's industry.  The facilities at Melbourne are second to none and it’s great to see students grow and be rewarded for their efforts.

David Weaver, Academic Coordinator