Abbey Road Institute Presents Stephan Schutze

Find out how to building and maintain a successful career in games and interactive media.

There is no one right way to succeed in the entertainment industry, and often we have not even defined what we mean by success. Each individual who lives and works in a creative career will have forged a unique path specific to their skills and their network. This does not mean you cannot learn from those who have come before you, it just means you need to adapt to create your own success.

In this session Stephan Schutze will describe his unique path with a blunt account of what he found worked for him and what didn't, explore the industry that he discovered and how he has built a career that spans nearly twenty years. In that time Stephan has created sound libraries used by companies such as Disney, Skywalker Sound, EA and Activision, he has worked on bleeding edge tech with Magic Leap, Oculus and Facebook, he composed the first live orchestral score for a game produced in Australia, working with Melbourne Symphony and he has developed content for every available game platform in the last twenty years.

How does this happen, how can you build on success and how can you grow a career in an incredibly competitive and tough industry? And how can we cover all this in three hours? Come along and find out.

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Stephans Work Includes

  • EA
  • Activision
  • Disney
  • Skywalker Sound
  • Oculus
  • Facebook
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