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Learning at Abbey Road Institute is structured to ensure that every class is meaningful and engaging and that information is delivered in a progressive, logical manner, combining both theory and practice into every lecture.

Music Producer with notes

Our aim is to see that every student gains a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the music industry, from recording and mixing, through to music production and entertainment business and law.

We begin with the fundamentals of music production and sound theory teaching students to analyse, dissect, and reconstruct classic productions before advancing onto DAW software operation. Students undertake intensive tuition on microphone technique and placement with a suite of microphone’s rarely seen outside the largest of the professional studio environments.

Abbey Road Institute’s Melbourne campus is equipped with professional – not ‘educational’ – grade studios. We undertake to provide the most comprehensive training program available structured around an intensive practical workload. Over the course of their studies, students will be expected to complete an extensive portfolio of recorded and produced work form a variety of artists while studying full production workflows in a state-of-the-art digital studio as well as our fully equipped analog room. This is supplemented by our fully equipped production workstations – available to every student in every classroom – and our digital production suites. Music business and law is covered extensively, preparing students for a complex industry or recording and performance contracts, copyright and intellectual property ownership and deal negotiation.

The educational experience at Abbey Road Institute is student-focused and intensive. We strive to install a strong sense of collegiality and cohesion amongst our students, forging them into a creative community who are equipped to tackle the industry head-on.

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Education is more than a lecture. It is decades of experience from all corners of the globe brought together into a community of dedicated and passionate individuals joined together in journey to push the limits of creativity. This is what we aspire to every day at Abbey Road.

Paul Ledingham, CEO

Studying the past year at Abbey Road has been phenomenal. The teaching staff are top notch and I now have a community of people to draw on who are as obsessed with music as me.  

Emily Toner, Graduate

Abbey Road Institute gives students the head-start they need to succeed in today's industry.  The facilities at Melbourne are second to none and it’s great to see students grow and be rewarded for their efforts.

Paul Edwards, Academic Manager

There is surely no better place to be when you are studying music production and sound engineering!

Tori Sunnucks, Graduate

On the first day of the course it was clear that I had found my tribe; we’re like a family, and it’s uncanny how everyone gets on creatively.

Deborah Melliard, Graduate