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Avid Space Melbourne

Recently we were lucky enough to be invited to the Avid Space Melbourne and visit our friend from Avid, Drew Parsons. Drew set up this space to host training sessions and showcasing Avid’s equipment. The Avid Space Melbourne currently has an Avid S6, set up in 7.1.2 monitoring configuration, an Avid S6L and two workstations […]
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UAD Part 1

As you may be aware, at Abbey Road Institute we have access to a huge list of plugins. This can be quite intimidating at first, so we thought  putting together a list of plugins every couple of weeks for you to check out and have a play with!   We will focus on a different […]
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Grow my Music

Grow my Music’s Managing Director Martin Brown is a rockstar when it comes to creative directives and resources for the music Industry via the phenomenal interactive platform that is Grow My Music. Abbey Road Institute was lucky enough to have Martin visit this week and what a great time was had by all.  So much […]
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Bianca Whirl interview

Hi, i’m Bianca, and i’m a DJ and a music producer. So i was probably 18 -19. The whole dance music thing was probably not as big as it is today. I remember distinctly one night I went out and I saw, i’d never seen a female DJ before basically. I went out to a […]
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5 Best Pro Tools Plug-Ins

“Woah, what reverb is on those vocals?”. In an ideal world, we’d all love to be able to respond to that question like this! “It’s just 4 original 1957 EMT 140 Reverb Plates that I have located in a separate room out the back of my little bedroom studio, did you know each one weighs […]
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