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Alex Interview

Hi, my name’s Alex and I am an Audio engineer. I do mixing and mastering work. From a young age i was always exposed to music. My mother always jokes about having no musical talent whatsoever, except for a good shower voice I guess. But she would always play records to me. My father was […]
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Remix competition winner

Abbey Road Institute is proud to announce that our “Telling Lies” remix competition has come to a close and we have our winner! Congratulations to Bnszo   Bsnzo will be receive an exclusive one on one mentoring session with topline and electronic music royalty Paul Brandoli, has been invited to spend a day alongside the […]
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ARI Melbourne Gear Talk

Abbey Road Institute Melbourne is home to state-of-the-art recording technologies both digital and analog. Our students here get their hands on amazing equipment from day one. From the beginning of our course, students start in our Avid S6 production studio. In this studio, they begin the journey of audio production. Including principles of mixing and […]
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5 Best Pro Tools Plug-Ins

“Woah, what reverb is on those vocals?”. In an ideal world, we’d all love to be able to respond to that question like this! “It’s just 4 original 1957 EMT 140 Reverb Plates that I have located in a separate room out the back of my little bedroom studio, did you know each one weighs […]
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