Feb 11th Study for a Day Wrap Up

We at Abbey Road Institute were thrilled with the full house in attendance for Study for a Day last Saturday.  There is certainly no shortage of passionate and talented lovers of music production in Melbourne!  Our students for the day were treated to a morning with rock royalty’s Lance Krive and briefly looked at the historical journey of Abbey Road Studios and also stepped back in time listening to the some of the first ever recordings made.


Students were able to get their hands on ProTools and had some fun remixing a popular track.  The afternoon was spent with our tech guru, Brad Toan, who had all hands on deck in our performance space and API studio with our students for a day learning how to prepare a mix session, utilise different studio techniques and how to work with various studio microphones.


Unfortunately, there were many who missed out due to the overwhelming number of registrations, so we are excited to announce a second Study for a Day on Saturday 25th February.