On Friday the 26th of May, Glenn Bennie an APRA AMCOS writer services representative visited our Melbourne Campus and delivered an informative and interesting masterclass to our knowledge-thirsty Abbey Road Institute students.

The presentation was designed by APRA AMCOS to assist writers and composers in all musical fields to better understand the different streams of income they are entitled to when publishing original works.

Glenn covered so many practical topics and helped our students gain a deeper understanding of:

– History
– Basic copyright law and information
– Writer membership breakdown
– Information on licensing
– Royalties and how they are earned and distributed
– How streaming and royalties work and the current shift in the market towards the digital streaming platforms

Glenn also shared some of his first-hand tips for working with co-writers and his viewpoints on the benefits of being an APRA AMCOS writer member.

Abbey Road Institute students were also able to ask questions about the finer points of publishing rights such as audio manufacturer licenses for artists wanting to release cover versions, APRA AMCOS relationship with overseas societies and recent revenue figures and revenue ratios.

Abbey Road Institute would like to thank APRA AMCOS and Glenn Bennie for presenting this masterclass, providing our students with so much amazing knowledge of the industry and it’s workings!